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Collection: Spiritual Enhancement 💫

For us, exploring your spirituality is a form of self care. What we tend to, how we care for ourselves, this inflicts our self love habits. We promote spiritual enhancement with our brand by what it stands for. Often you’ll see the us promote body positive affirmations, self care quotes and other helpful spiritual tips 💫 

FUN FACT: We connect lingerie to our spiritual line by the power of prayer and manifesting. We meditate and manifest good experiences over each Shaped By You package before shipping, feel the positive energy 🌞 


This collection was inspired by our owner and operator, Shaterra Williams. With being in the therapy field and an active tarot reader, she seen fit to merge spirituality and how it connects with what we wear/ how we express. Find more about her passion @iamshaterra on social media platforms. 🌟 

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